About Us

About Not Just olive oil

Our Mission:
To inspire you to incorporate the Mediterranean diet in your every day busy lives.

The “Not Just Olive Oil” project’s objective:
To help you discover the powerful benefits of real food by simplifying the Mediterranean diet.

“Not Just Olive Oil” presents:
Mediterranean diet recipe suggestions that have been adapted to fit our modern and busy lives, without compromising great flavor and satisfaction.

The Golden Rule for our Mediterranean diet recipes:
Fresh Ingredients and Simplified Directions.

The Mediterranean style of cooking is the best method for eating delicious food that can also be beneficial for an overall long and healthy life. We are proud mothers and wives, with a passion for gastronomy and life, and have raised our children with Mediterranean style cooking.

Relish our well-tested recipes and experience food that tastes great, looks fabulous and is healthy. Join us on the journey to feeling and looking better. We have done this and so can you!

Feel free to send in your wonderful recipes/videos/news or anything else you wish to share with us.