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traditional greek-style stuffed tomatoes (gemista)

traditional greek-style stuffed tomatoes and green peppers (gemista)

A Passion for summer…A passion for tomatoes….A passion for comfort food. Stuffed tomatoes (gemista)…The ultimate summertime comfort food!

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The “A Snappy Apricot A Day…” smoothie

What do smoothies have to do with the Mediterranean Diet, you say? Fruits, fruits and more fruits, we say! Start your day today with fresh apricots… …called “the golden eggs ...

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watermelon and mint smoothie

Stimulate your body and mind by eating fresh, clean and simple food.

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For the Love of an Artichoke Heart

For the Love of Artichokes – Great Health and Weight Loss Benefits!

Artichokes are in season now and yes, these little prickly bulbs are tough on the outside, and yes, some of us have absolutely no idea how to cook them, but the truth is that they really deserve to be loved, because they are soft, tasty and truly bursting with incredible health benefits on the inside. […]

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