Black-eyed beans with spinach and arugula – The Mediterranean Diet

A Healthy New Year’s Resolution:

“Add more fruits and vegetables to my daily menu”

The Mediterranean Diet is as simple as adding a few more fruits and vegetables to your daily menu.

Add one vegetable today.

Try making it a green leafy vegetable.

It can be anything – spinach, kale, lettuce, collard greens, etc.

If you eat out a lot, always make sure to include a salad or order extra veggies with your meal.

Eventually, your body will crave the feeling of well being that comes from eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Start off by cooking a traditional ancient “good luck” recipe that is based on the Mediterranean diet’s two basic elements:

Green vegetables and beans.


Enjoy the New Year with plenty of good luck and health!

“Eat Healthy, Delicious, Whole and Satisfying Food”